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Online Booking TravelStep 2: Login & Comprehensive FormUsing the e-mail address with which you registered and the password you chose at that time, now you require to login to their on the web application technique (it’s on the exact same ‘Apply Online’ page where you registered earlier).

Soon after specifically 19 days (inside three weeks!) I had NICOP cards of all my family members members in my hands (arrived within a couple of days of each other), delivered appropriate at my door step thru DHL Express Service (overnight, inside 24 hours!) mailed from NADRA, Islamabad. It was inside a soft plastic DHL Express envelope like the one beneath. The card was affixed to a folded letter size paper with my name and address printed on it, like a credit card is sent by firms here in US.

Tracking StatusYou can go to NADRA’s net site anytime after submitting your NICOP application and right there on the main page, using that small form you can discover the present status of your application. All you need to have to enter is the ‘Form Number’, which is there in the e mail you received from NADRA right after submitting your application.

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Note: If due to any reason you have to log out at any stage of the on the web application, the technique will automatically save all data entered by you, so you do not have to be concerned about re-entering it once again. It really is entirely OK to fill up this on the internet application in multiple sessions, so feel totally free to log off and take your time if you need to have to. I completed my online application over a period of a single week, as gathering required information & documents took some time although I had already collected most of it following going thru the guidelines on NADRA’s web website. NADRA will flush the online applications in progress if they are not completed inside six months from begin date.

Here is the front and back of the NICOP Card. It could not look as shiny and bright in these scanned photos, but think me it truly is and will surely make you proud of your nation, I felt so! There could be some items lacking in the existing NADRA technique, but nonetheless the national identity documents made by NADRA are excellent in high quality and serve their intended purpose with minimal price to Pakistani citizens. I was truly excited when I got my CNIC & Computerized Passport back in Pakistan and was even much more excited when I received my NICOP here in US following I filed an on the web application for it. Whatever any person says, Pakistan and its public service organizations have entered into 21st century and now its upon all of us to support make them better at what they do and possibly the greatest! My sincere thanks to everyone at NADRA who helped make this achievable.