Summer Vacation

Summer VacationThis Blog is a series of postings, of queries and answers in between my self the Voodoo Queen and her Students or other interested persons. snout i’m wild boring when it comes to face washes since as soon as i cruised effortlessly into my late 30s my face was like “nah, bruh” every time i put something new on it. also it started obtaining all patchy and dry and i don’t particularly care about that but i’m a picker with absolutely nothing better to do than flake off massive pieces of the dry skin on my nose even though watching star trek: tng and that is fucking disgusting. the reasonably-cheap routine that has worked for the last few months is: cleanse with dove bar soap ($two), tone with thayer’s cucumber toner ($eight), moisturize with first help beauty ultra repair cream ($12) after a thin layer of normal-ass coconut oil (i buy louana at the overall health food spot due to the fact carla hall is on the jar and i enjoy her, plus it’s $14 for a 30oz jar and that is an amazing value bc you literally just touch the oil and the residue is enough to cover your entire face).

june 20 book people 7pm, AUSTIN. i don’t forget getting young and optimistic and thinking that a single day i would move to austin and be a free spirit right after reading about it in seventeen or wherever but FUCK THAT It really is SO HOT. also, poverty robs you of your dreams. so now that i am no longer a teen with hope in my heart i’m coming down for a couple days to pretend i live there and am truly cool enough to be seen in an austin bar. oh yeah and speak to a bunch of texans about my book. this chat is gonna be with my homegirl the bloggess herself, one particular jenny lawson, and even if you hate me you gotta endure through my shtick to get to her so maybe i’ll win you more than? pretty confident this event is free of charge as well but there’s far more information right here so study carefully. ps, please create down all the best air-conditioned taco spots and bring them with you i hate taking notes on my busted-ass iphone.

Here is what else I have been working on this week. Our “Well being” board at work had sat unloved for a while given that the last particular person in charge of it went to another department. So I took more than the project, and program to attempt and update it every single month. This hangs in our break-space, and I attempted to contain not just weight loss articles, but also clippings about pressure and sleep and exercising. Hopefully it will at least motivate me to be a little healthier.

Here’s what I am reading this week, and actually just finished. “Gwendy’s Button Box” by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar. It was almost far …