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Overview Of Wayang Kulit As Indonesia’s Cultural Heritage

Wayang Kulit is the cultural heritage of the ancestors of Indonesia, Javanese. Now not only belong to the tribe of Java, but it has become the cultural richness of Indonesia and has been recognized by UNESCO, the UN cultural agency, as the shadow puppet performances from Indonesia, the world’s heritage as a priceless masterpiece.

Wayang Kulit  is a puppet of cowhide is a depiction of the characters in a story that legends have a picture of human character or characters. The characters of the wayang kulit is nothing subtle minds in attitude, he said politely, of course there is also a contrary character, insolence, that rude, angry, cruel, vicious, selfish and so forth. For those not familiar Wayang story, certainly a difficulty in distinguishing the Wayang Characters with good character (warrior) or with an evil character.

The way in order to distinguish between bad guys and good guys in the Wayang for those who are not familiar with the world of Wayangs is difficult. There are several ways to get to know, in outline, is can be seen from simpingan (arrangement Wayangs on the screen). Compiled on the left or on the right. Of posture, facial expression or position, color expression, eyes, nose, lips and so forth.

Before dalang (mastermind/director) to start the show, usually done first is to prepare the mastermind wayang characters to be played during a performance, in accordance play (story) that will be delivered. Wayang Kulit are neatly piled beside the right and left, the so-called simpingan.

Simpingan right side consists of figures better or knights, including the figures of gods. Simpingan right side usually faces daubed in black or white, or even gold, which symbolizes kindness, honesty and purity.

Simpingan left consists of giant figures, kings were tempered rage, describe a collection or group of figures of evil. Wayangs are in simpingan left, have a look on his face is red, indicating anger or arrogance. In the battle scenes in a story, the evil mastermind figures or greedy always be on the left hand.

Posture insolence figures usually depicted thickset, tall, big, chubby. And the position of her face looking up, describe the pride, arrogance and greed. While the red face expressing anger, arrogant or antagonistic. In addition, a giant wayang characters usually hand by pointing (stalk, to move the hand) just next hand (left), while the rear hand (right) grasping and fused with the body, can not be moved. That is, the more gigantic misbehave (left hand active) than do good (right hand can not be enabled).

Pandavas figure is a good figure and a knight indeed there are tall, big, burly, eg Raden Werkudara or Bima, but the whole face position, face down and hue of black or bromine. It describes someone who is powerful, firm establishment, honest, and pure, a symbol of goodness or protagonist.

Shape of the eyes, nose and mouth of the puppet characters adapted to the body shape that shows character of the figures or puppets are concerned. For …