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The Complete Guide to Pain Free Epilation

This is an epilator reviews guide providing information on epilator for optimal performance and pain free epilation.

Firstly an epilator is an electronic hair removal device that pulls hairs individually from the root and provides an alternative to shaving or waxing, epilators come in many makes, models, sizes, designs and can be bought with many attachments and accessories. Choosing the right epilator for you will turn you into a fan or turn you off for good!


Dealing with the perceived notion that epilating is horrific and the most painful self-inflicting act that anyone would willingly do to themselves in the pursuit of silky smooth beautiful skin. By the way I can assure you that there any many more painful experiences than epilating, however there is no getting away from the fact that for some using an epilator does hurt! But it definitely doesn’t have to be this way.

At this point it is really important to understand that the pain you experience the first time you epilate is a one off! The more you use your device the easier it gets and before you buy an epilator it is well advised to read some consumer epilator reviews.

The reason it gets easier is because the hairs grow back thinner and easier to pull out and after a long period of continued use the hairs will stop growing altogether, remember to leave a reasonable number of days in between use when you first start out with this method.

If you are still experiencing pain after continued use then it is either due to the quality of epilator or the direction epilating action you are performing, for good results place the epilation head at a right angle to the skin, pull the skin tight and move the epilator slowly against the direction of hair growth.

The pain you may experience is due to three factors:

  • Skin sensitivity
  • Quality of device
  • Method of epilation

Skin Sensitivity is not something that you can easily turn on or off, some people just have less sensitive skin than others. For those of that unfortunately have to live with this problem gladly there are products that can be purchased to help and ease the pain. A number of epilators even come with these on purchase, such products include epilation wipes and comfort sprays and will help significantly before and after use.

Quality of Device in my opinion is the most important factor for pain sufferers and purchasing the best quality epilator doesn’t immediately translate to the most expensive. Epilator reviews are a good place to start your research, these will often include real consumer feedback and the owners of the devices rate the products to provide a very good guideline. As I mentioned in the introduction epilators come in many guises so have an understanding of the different makes, models and accessories before you make your purchase.

Method of Epilaton is another important factor, whether you suffer from sensitivity, redness, blotchy skin or just want …